Three things in life- your health- your mission- and the people you love- That's it.. Navel Ravikant


Masterworks Media has grown organically from Masterworks International, a global consultancy for a health care system known as Polarity Therapy. For the last 35 years Phil Young and Morag Campbell have run trainings and workshops on this discipline throughout the worldwell as well Tai Chi and Hawaiin Huna, . During that time they have been moved to write books and produce videos on aspects of all of these.

From Sepetember 2022 Masterworks International will no longer be offering full trainings in Polarity Therapy and will be focussing on the production of more books and videos with health and wellness as a priority. Masterworks Media has evolved to service the need for various media products in their chosen fields, that will enhance the health practices of professionals and anyone who are interesting in maintaining and enhancing your most precious of gifts - your health.